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People who are overweight often think that once they lose weight, their life will be perfect, and everything they ever wished for will come true. That’s what I thought. I was overweight from the time I was a child. I thought my weight was holding me back from what I wanted to achieve. So, I worked hard and lost 65 pounds in my 20s, and my life seemed to fall into place. I took up running and ran 20 marathons. I landed a big job. I married a kind and loving man and gave birth to two amazing little girls. I followed all the rules. However, I began to notice that some of the things I was doing actually weren’t helping me feel happier. What had begun with a goal to feel better was making me feel worse. 

I was rating my success by things I could physically measure, like a number on the scale, the promotions at work, the pace of my latest race. But what if I shifted my thinking and measured success by something a little less tangible, like my level of satisfaction with my life, the quality of my relationships, and my inner peace? Would that make me happier and healthier?

It turns out, yes.  I experimented with different techniques, tried different practices and played with my schedule. The more I tried new things, and evaluated them based on how they worked for me personally, the better able I was to identify what really lit me up. I discovered that success wasn’t about following a strict set of guidelines. It was about getting to know myself and finding what worked for me. 

I created LiveUp for us to come together, experiment, and learn from ourselves and each other. Yes, we still focus on our physical health and wellness, but we also work through the thoughts and habits that have held us back, learning how to nourish our whole selves, and giving ourselves permission to toss out the old rule book and make one of our own. 

                xo Aransas

So, what is LiveUp?

LiveUp is about having healthy minds and bodies.

It’s about being able to do the things we want to do. It’s about feeling more confident, more joyful, and more alive. Sure, people notice traditional health metrics shift along the way, but they also find themselves getting promotions at work, connecting more deeply with people they care about, and moving forward in all areas of their lives. 

LiveUp is a coaching platform that gives you access to powerful techniques for wellness - however you personally define that. 

You’ll have your personal Coach in your corner, guiding you, cheering for you, and helping you achieve more than you even believed you could. You'll also have access to a wide range of experts, practical tools and an inspiring, inclusive community to help you break through barriers and start to LiveUp. 

Know what you want. Learn how to make it happen.

At LiveUp, you and your coach work together to help you get clear about what energizes, empowers and strengthens you. And then you work together to set goals and create plans that help you bring more of that into your life every day. 

For some Uplifters (our LiveUp crew), the plans are as simple as committing to stepping outside each morning, looking up at the sky and taking a deep breath. For other’s, it’s about designing Power Hours that set up our food, fitness and mindset routines for each day. 

Your LiveUp Journey

Our process starts by looking at who you are now, what you value, what energizes you and drains you. Next, we work together to help you get clear on who you want to be and where you want to go. Then, you and your coach partner to build your custom plan for creating a life that energizes you and powers your dreams. 

Introductory Private Coaching Session

Your journey begins with a private 30 minute coaching session on Zoom.

In-app Coaching 

Your coach will help you set daily and weekly goals and check in with you frequently via in-app text to support you as you go after your goals in specific, personalized, inspiring action steps, while teaching you powerful techniques for designing your best life and overcoming the blocks that have held you back. Because LiveUp is about well-being as YOU define it, you’ll have a personalized digital planner to help you choose your weekly goals and keep track of your progress. Your coach will help with accountability, breaking through blocks and celebrating your successes, every step of the way.

Virtual and In-person Group Discussions

Each week, LiveUp crews meet for small-group discussions with their coach (on Zoom) that we call Rise + Shine sessions. We also host frequent Virtual Workshops, Book Clubs, and events with uplifting experts from all walks of life to share powerful techniques and inspiration for designing our best lives.

The people around us and the places we live have a powerful influence on our wellbeing, so LiveUp also helps you find other Uplifters near you, who share your goals, so you can connect and support one another along the journey, whether out for a walk or in a local coffee shop. 

Tools and Resources

You’ll find articles, custom meditations, and other inspiring content to help you build your personal toolkit for living your best life.

Our Approach


While there’s no one way to change, every journey starts with self-discovery. Through powerful self-awareness techniques, you’ll learn about what sparks you, where you want to go, and what’s holding you back. Science shows that increasing self-awareness leads to more confidence and creativity, better decision-making, stronger relationships and communication, and more effective leadership.


We approach life design as a series of simple, playful experiments. You’ll build on your self-knowledge and learn practical tools from a wide range of wellbeing experts. Together with your coach, you'll try them out to see which ones work for you, and incorporate them into your life in a sustainable way.

Be Inspired

Research shows that wellbeing is contagious, and it’s easier to change when you’re surrounded by other people who are on a similar path. The LiveUp community is a safe space where you can learn, be inspired, and share what you’re learning.

Our Founder

The LiveUp Program was created by Aransas Savas CPC, ELI-MP, a veteran Wellbeing and Leadership Coach, certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Aransas spent 20 years working in the weight loss industry with the world’s leading nutrition and behavior change scientists. With LiveUp, she has created a uniquely holistic approach to wellness that blends practical, behavioral science-backed techniques with coaching to help people break through barriers and design their best lives.

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